If you suspect your partner is breaking their wedding vows, your next step is to get solid proof. After all, it’s not a good idea to confront them without irrefutable evidence in spite of all the clear cheating spouse signs you’ve been seeing.
But catching a cheating spouse isn’t easy, especially if your partner is good at being sneaky. Fortunately, there’s technology you can use to collect incriminating dirt.

You can start with free apps designed for tracking children and the elderly — and consequently, for catching a cheating spouse. These apps detect location, so if you can check if your partner is really where they said they would be, like a meeting at a downtown office, and not somewhere else, like a hotel in some remote area at the outskirts of the city. But to gain access to their devices in the first place, you may want to use keyloggers to grab their passwords and key codes.

Other tools you can use are spycams to grab footage of their activities, digital recorders to record their phone conversations, and GPS trackers to locate them at any given time. Nowadays, most of these tools come in small and discreet sizes to be undetectable. They’re also readily available for purchase. However, be careful not to cross the legal line when using them. Privacy laws vary according to the jurisdiction.

To play it safe, find a professional to get the job done fast. A licensed private investigator for cheating spouses not only knows the usual tricks cheaters do, but also the various methods to catch them in the act. On top of that, a PI can get the evidence you want through legal means, so you can go to court with it without complications and get the divorce settlement you deserve.

The good news is that hiring a PI to catch spouse cheating isn’t difficult or expensive by any means. We at South Florida Private investigators can deliver the service you need at a reasonable price. We also offer free consultation, no strings attached.


A marriage should be built on mutual trust, but if your partner is showing classic cheating spouse signs, it’s perfectly reasonable for you to take action. A marriage works only if both parties honor their vows; otherwise, you’re better off cutting them loose from your life.