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Consider using us for your cheating spouse, wife, girlfriend, husband, or boyfriend surveillance.
We are really good at finding out exactly what is going on.
For Instance, we can follow them, or verify where they are going.  We can also put a Real-Time | High-Tech GPS Vehicle Tracking unit on the subjects vehicle, and can follow and see what exactly is going on. In other words, to give you peace of mind, or finally know what Is going on.
In addition we also offer a package deal with 2-3 days of GPS and field surveillance to get you all the info you need.


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Signs That May Indicate Cheating

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south florida cheating spouse private investigator

  • A Cheating spouse is often distracted. For instance, it seems disinterested in home life.
  • Does your cheating spouse have a sudden increase in time away from home, from you, and or the kids, and home life?
  • Is your suspected cheating spouse suddenly been having a decreased sexual interest with you, or you notice they are pulling back sexually?
  • Your potential cheating spouse is often “unavailable” while at work, or in addition won’t return your calls or not in a timely fashion.
  • Sometimes a potentially cheating spouse may attend new functions outside of work and does not invite you.
  • Telephone and Cell phone calls from you are not returned in timely fashion or not at all.  At times they just disappear
  • A potentially Cheating spouse leaves home or goes to other rooms to talk on the telephone, or avoids you or is very secretive
  • Your spouse may use the computers when he is alone and secretly, or shuts it down when you walk in.
  • A potentially cheating spouse’s clothes smell of perfume or cologne or something different
  • Does your spouse gets his or her laundry done away from home and in secret?
  • Are there unexplained payments or debits/credits on bank statements or credit card statements.
  • Suddenly a cheating spouse may have more cash on hand without accountability or less than expected
  • When checking phone records, a cell phone bills contain calls with long duration or short quick ones
  • A Cheating wife or husband has unexplained receipts that cannot be accounted for.
  • One thing a Cheating spouse may have is suspicious phone voice-mail messages or text messages
  • A potentially cheating spouse may be suddenly deleting e-mail messages or acting very suspicious when you come in the room.

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