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We are a large debt collection agency serving nationwide, and state specific merchant chargebacks.  We get results fast and get you the merchant paid.  Friendly fraud is the fastest growing fraud out there and there isn’t anything friendly about this.  It is costing merchants nearly billions a year.

Our debt collections start with a soft first contact, all the way to escalation for the reporting to all credit reporting agencies for your debts.  Don’t just sit there and take it.  Merchant Chargebacks are real, and a real serious threat to small businesses.

In addition we offer surveillance for a cheating spouse, partner, wife, husband boyfriend or girlfriend.  In addition we handle surveillance on child custody matters, background checks, business dealings, corporate and attorney services including worker’s comp surveillance.

In addition, our South Florida Investigation Service offers High-Tech, Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking, Child Custody and Support Investigations, Alimony Reduction, Attorney Services, Full Comprehensive Background checks, Asset and Bank Searches, and Mobile Notary Public Services.

South Florida Investigation Services Offered:


Asset And Bank Searches

Backgrond Check

Background Checks

Background Reports

Bugs Sweeps

Bugs Sweeps

Chargeback Collections

Scams Rips Offs

Cheating Spouse

Cheating Spouse Background

Child Custody

Employment Screening

GPS Tracking