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A full comprehensive Background Check for just $150.00 each.
This search is only available to Licensed Private Investigators IRB/TLO.  This rich background search can give you a wealth of information only given to licensed investigators.  Please fill out our secure confidential online form below.

Your Background Check can come back within hours.  It will give you insight in asset and bank searches if available, child custody disputes, divorce or separation agreements, or for internet dating background checks.

This reports shows up-to-date address information, past address info, and even all the current residents of said address.  In addition, companies are located, driver license info, civil, arrest records, vehicles owned, social networking sites, bankruptcies, property owned, court records and phone numbers, including cells can be picked up.


Full Comprehensive Background Report $150

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  • Name & Billing Address from Cell Number $295
  • Utility Search You supply LKA and SS# We return current address $175
  • Nationwide Bank Search $1995
  • Nationwide Brokerage Search $1995
  • Nationwide Bank and Brokerage $2395
  • Employment Search Active $425
  • Employment History last 3 years Supply Name/LKA/SSN $395
  • Workers Comp Info $495
  • FEIN Search $200
  • Social Security Number Trace $275


  • Social Security Number Acquisition $495
  • Vehicle Tag/VIN Search $125
  • Driving Record $295
  • Drivers License Number Search $250
  • PO Box Information $195
  • Anonymous Domain Ownership $800
  • IP Address Investigation $1295
  • Facebook/Myspace Friend Request $695
  • Tenant Screening Investigation $250

Disclaimer. The information provided by SFPI is obtained and compiled from independent public sources . Because our information relies upon these outside sources, we cannot assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information obtained or the information being fully updated. In no event will SFPI be liable for special or consequential damages resulting from the use of the information provided. SFPI hereby expressly disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, including the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and shall not be liable for any claims or liabilities relating to the search results. We do not engage in any activities for which a specific license is required. Specifically, to comply with privacy laws, we do not have access, utilize, reveal or provide any confidential information, such as an individual’s financial status, employment background, credit history, or medical records contained in consumer reports, the dissemination of which is strictly prohibited by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USCS 1681a. Instead, our search locators obtain comprehensive sets of relevant publicly available and other legally procured documents identifying information in order to create a report containing the most updated currently available information relating to the subject of your search. All Fees are non-refundable.

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