Why You Need a Private Investigator Fort Lauderdale

private investigator fort lauderdaleThere are a number of reasons you might look into the services of a private investigator Fort Lauderdale. These individuals are dedicated to their clients for finding the truth about any particular individual or situation.
A private eye uses GPS tracking, and can perform video surveillance, and many other innovative procedures to find the information you need.
These are some of the services a private eye can perform for you:

Cheating Spouse or Infidelity Investigations

With the use of covert surveillance, a private investigator Fort Lauderdale, you can discover the real truth of your partner’s infidelity. Either your mind can be put to ease, or you can find the information needed for you to move on.

Locate a Missing Person

Private eyes have the technology at their disposal to investigate a missing person. For instance, if the individual has moved, changed their name, or for any reason, you have lost contact with them. A private investigator in Fort Lauderdale has the resources available to track them for you.

Employee Background Checks

Pre-employment screening is crucial to ensure you avoid a hiring mistake, which could end up in a costly lawsuit. In today’s world, there are mounting security concerns, and you have to be sure you are hiring the right people. Having a private eye to conduct a background check on potential hires, will help your business avoid time-consuming, expensive lawsuits, or be held accountable if something goes wrong.


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Other Services Offered by Private Investigator Fort Lauderdale

Numerous situations come up in life when you need more information to make an informed decision, or someone has caused you harm, and you need the information to take action against them.
Some of these situations where you need the services of a private eye include:

  • Elder abuse
  • Insurance fraud
  • Wrongful termination
  • Debugging investigations
  • Criminal and Civil investigations for your defense
  • Security services
  • Asset and bank searches
  • and many others

In conclusion, hiring a private eye who has the experience of locating and securing information or persons is your answer to solving many life-altering problems. A private investigator Fort Lauderdale is ready to provide you with customized attention to find the required information for your specific case.


Top Private Investigators in Miami

Private Investigators in MiamiA big reason why people hire private investigators in Miami or any other place is to spy on their spouses or partners or catch them cheating. However, that is not all these private detectives do.
Unfortunately, the world is full of dishonest, corrupt, and fraudulent individuals, which is why hiring a private investigator (P.I.) is smart.

By gathering important evidence, a private investigator in Miami Florida can often prevent a bad event from either happening or becoming worse.

South Florida Private investigators is a top investigation agency servicing Miami and the South Florida area. The all-inclusive PI agency remains dedicated to helping clients investigate and unravel hidden truths concerning any individual or situation.

As a top private investigator in Miami Florida, we serve a varied clientele daily, including private citizens, small and medium businesses (SMBs), insurance companies, corporations, law practices, and law enforcement agencies.

Reliable Miami Private Investigators

As the top private investigators Miami has to offer, we offer an all-inclusive service package that includes: cheating spouse investigations, missing person investigations, due diligence, employee screenings, security services, civil investigations, criminal defense, asset or bank searches, debugging, among others.

With so many private investigators in Miami, it is essential to hire a licensed and experienced PI that in addition, can deliver quality results fast and without being detected. This is why we use state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, which allows us to obtain quality photo and video evidence even from great distances to reduce the chances of detection.

When you hire South Florida Private investigators, you can rest assured that:

  • Your case will receive customized attention to meet its specific needs.
  • All our Miami private investigators are readily accessible anytime, night or day.
  • Only the assigned investigator will handle your case from start to end.
  • You will receive fast and affordable services – just like our name suggests.

Get in Touch Today

At South Florida Private investigators, we pride ourselves on maintaining the utmost discretion and professionalism in all our cases.
As the top Miami investigators servicing the entire South Florida region, we offer a comprehensive PI service package that is guaranteed to get you the answers or evidence you need.

We employ only the latest high-tech surveillance and debugging gadgets in all our jobs. As the private investigator Miami residents trust, lead PI John Bairunas has lived and worked in the South Florida area for over 15 years. His PI experience includes first-rate field surveillance, GPS surveillance, debugging investigations, and video surveillance.

Call us today at 1 (855) 768-8435 to schedule your free consultation or hire our services anytime.


3 Effective Ways for Catching a Cheating Spouse

catching cheating spouseIf you suspect your partner is breaking their wedding vows, your next step is to get solid proof. After all, it’s not a good idea to confront them without irrefutable evidence in spite of all the clear cheating spouse signs you’ve been seeing.
But catching a cheating spouse isn’t easy, especially if your partner is good at being sneaky. Fortunately, there’s technology you can use to collect incriminating dirt.

You can start with free apps designed for tracking children and the elderly — and consequently, for catching a cheating spouse. These apps detect location, so if you can check if your partner is really where they said they would be, like a meeting at a downtown office, and not somewhere else, like a hotel in some remote area at the outskirts of the city. But to gain access to their devices in the first place, you may want to use keyloggers to grab their passwords and key codes.

Other tools you can use are spycams to grab footage of their activities, digital recorders to record their phone conversations, and GPS trackers to locate them at any given time. Nowadays, most of these tools come in small and discreet sizes to be undetectable. They’re also readily available for purchase. However, be careful not to cross the legal line when using them. Privacy laws vary according to the jurisdiction.

To play it safe, find a professional to get the job done fast. A licensed private investigator for cheating spouses not only knows the usual tricks cheaters do, but also the various methods to catch them in the act. On top of that, a PI can get the evidence you want through legal means, so you can go to court with it without complications and get the divorce settlement you deserve.

The good news is that hiring a PI to catch spouse cheating isn’t difficult or expensive by any means. We at South Florida Private investigators can deliver the service you need at a reasonable price. We also offer free consultation, no strings attached.


A marriage should be built on mutual trust, but if your partner is showing classic cheating spouse signs, it’s perfectly reasonable for you to take action. A marriage works only if both parties honor their vows; otherwise, you’re better off cutting them loose from your life.


Cheating spouse signs: 4 Tell-Tale clues to help confirm your suspicions

Cheating spouse signsIs your spouse behaving differently lately? Are you suspecting that he or she is unfaithful to you? While the thought of your doubts being real is heartbreaking, it is good to watch out for some cheating spouse signs. Several signs can help you determine whether your suspicions are right or not. Below is a quick rundown of four common yet overlooked cheating spouse signs:

  1. Sudden Change of Routine Behavior

In most cases, behavior change is usually one of the first simple cheating spouse signs. You may notice that your spouse is too conscious about their looks, working overtime, attending business meetings too often than they used to.
Such unexpected changes can assist you in catching a cheating spouse.

  1.  Emotional Detachment

Emotional disconnection is another way of catching a cheating spouse. Your partner may stop being interested in getting intimate with you and feign tiredness or sickness every time you get close to them. He/she stops being affectionate and attentive to you, does not reply to your texts or calls while at work.
When you notice such changes, you might wish to hire a private investigator for cheating spouse.

  1. The ‘Mobile Phone Effect’

Besides being useful in enhancing communications, a mobile phone can be helpful in tracking cheating spouse. Usually, most people in relationships don’t mind picking and making calls in the presence of their partners. However, you can catch spouse cheating when he/she always reject calls when around you or puts some distance when receiving or making calls.
A lot of texting, even during bedtime and when asked, he becomes defensive.

  1. Evidence of Paper trail

When doing an investigation for cheating spouse, the paper trail can be very beneficial. Such trail as credit card and phone bill statements are easily accessible, and you can use them to catch spouse cheating. Credit card statements may reveal entries for hotels, clothing, and jewelry stores, among others. If he or she did not bring the gifts to you, it means they took them somewhere else. Thus, you may want to consult some professionals who are experts in tracking cheating spouse.

In a nutshell, if you suspect your partner’s unfaithfulness, consulting a private investigator for cheating spouse will help clear your doubts. With concrete proof, you can confidently confront your partner concerning their affairs.

How to Catch A Cheating Spouse

Catch A Cheating SpouseEver had the feeling that things aren’t flowing smoothly in your relationship? Or perhaps have that tingly feeling in your gut telling you over and over that your partner may be cheating on you? Sadly, this happens to almost every one of us in love.
However, there comes a time when it’s okay to feel paranoid. What do you then? Do you personally investigate or, do you hire a private investigator? Well, here are some quick pointers for how to catch a cheating spouse.

1. Drop by Unannounced

If you have never tried this before, then there is no way your partner will expect such an action from you. Start dropping by his/her workplace unannounced or get back home early. It is essential, however, that you don’t make it obvious that you are spying on them. As such, ensure that you equip yourself with great excuses for your actions.

2. Snoop on Their Phone

If your spouse is the type who also carries a cellphone all the time, even in the loo, something is happening. Therefore, whenever possible, try and peek into their cell, especially when the phone is charging.

3. Check Their Recycle Bin

Of all the cheating spouse signs, this is the one that cheaters occasionally tend to forget about. The garbage usually has a lot of clues. If you know what to look for, here is where you will likely find it. Ensure, therefore, that you often check their computer’s recycling bin.

4. Track Their Movements

Today, you find that many smartphones have phone trackers bundled in their devices to help phone owners track their phones when lost or stolen. Besides tracking cheating spouse, your partner’s cell movements reveal a lot of other interesting facts.

5. Hire a Private Investigator

If you feel the need to, you should hire an investigator to do the dirty work for you. These guys always get their reports, and you will know whether it was just paranoia or your instincts were right.

Bottom Line

It is not uncommon to have your partner slip once or twice. However, you don’t always have to let the idea of not knowing torment you. Checking a few cheating spouse signs will eventually lead you to get a handle of the situation however, hiring a private investigator will give you a clear picture plus keep you safe from the dirty work involved.

Why Hire a Miami Private Investigator?

miami private investigatorLife happens to all of us and there are instances where you have to get your hands dirty, and other where it would be prudent to get the professionals to do things for you such as a Miami Private Investigator.
When it comes to investigations, you could decide that you could just do it yourself but the following are just a few things that could go wrong:

  1. You could mess up making it impossible for an agency to take up your case in future
  2. You could expose yourself and as a result make it later impossible to get what you need
  3. You could be sued for invading someone’s privacy
  4. You could hurt others or even yourself during the investigation

These reasons are what makes hiring an agency right from the start the smartest thing to do.

South Florida Private Investigators prides itself on having some of the most experienced private investigators. If you are looking for a Miami private investigator, there is no one more qualified for the job as we have been serving clients in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach and the entire South Florida for decades. As a full-service agency, we serve both the private and sector and legal community, individual and corporate customers.

To provide the quality of service that we do, we have former law enforcement officers as the core of our personnel. With their extensive experience and professionalism in investigations, they can work to find any information that you may require confidentially, and discreetly. As such, you can rest assured that we do keep all communications and details about services provided fully confidential. In addition to basic solutions, we also do offer customized solutions that will cater to any unique needs that you may have.

Unlike many other private investigations agencies out there that only provide one type of investigations, we are a full-service agency. We work on all types of cases and provides all manner of services including; surveillance, asset and bank searches, child custody investigations, employment screening, background checks, cheating spouse and GPS tracking among others. We have specialists in the different case types who have amassed years of experience in different fields. Having specialized in their fields they have perfected their skills and can offer top quality investigations services. Since clients typically deal directly with the agent assigned to their case, they get one to one attention which usually results in quicker resolution of the case.

Why we are the Best

  • Our Miami private investigator is based in Miami – Unlike some other companies, we recruit all of our private investigators from Miami, which means that they have the contacts and experience that makes them very effective at doing their job.
  • We never subcontract any work – Unlike other agencies, all our agents are under contract with us so that you can rest assured that your work is being done by a professional, rather than an unmotivated contractor with little experience on a low hourly rate.
  • Licensed and experienced investigators – All our private investigators are licensed and experienced agents who can hold their own in court, and have a good understanding of how the Miami legal system works.
  • We guide you through the process – Many clients who visit our offices have never worked with a Miami private investigator. We hold your hand and guide you through the process and keep you posted on how the investigation is going.
  • Affordable Prices – Since we are a big agency we can afford to provide affordable prices. Moreover, we can assure you that there are no hidden charges in our pricing as you get to know what you will pay when you sign your contract.
  • We are a Licensed Agency – Our agency and professionals are licensed by the State of Florida and have received training in regulations and rules with regard to investigations and surveillance.

Contact us today for a free consultation on any private investigations needs you may have.

Find Out The Truth With The Help Of Private Investigators Miami

private investigators miamiDetective services have become popular and are also useful for making informed decisions.
Whether for personal or professional reasons, the Miami private investigators can help you find enough evidence to make the right decision. They would also conduct employee reviews, background checks, reviews, and pre-deployment checks. The private investigators Miami work hard to find the true truth. It collects all the necessary information to confirm the actions of the investigator.

Professional investigators in Miami always work hard and diligently. They would conduct fabulous private investigations and fraud, theft or insurance investigations. The Private Investigator’s make sure that they take the right measures so that the subject has no idea they are being watched.
Hiring Private Investigators have many advantages, as it will conduct marital and commercial investigations adequately and will not cause any problems.

Benefits of Hiring private investigators.

Investigations are like questions and should be done correctly. Professional investigators in Miami collect the possible details and maintain the confidentiality of customers. They never reveal your data or give you unnecessary information you do not want. They would go to extremes to find relevant sources from which they could obtain all the necessary information.

Hiring private investigators can save you from wrong treatment or wrong marriage decision. You can find peace lost in your life and make your professional or personal life more meaningful. It is better to take help than to struggle with false perceptions. You will receive enough evidence to find the true truth and be saved from the vicious circle of doubt and stress.

The Investigators in Miami are helping people make the right decision with their life partner by investigating whether they are faithful. The partners assure each other of being faithful forever, and this certainty can sometimes result skeptical. To find out the truth about a relationship, the investigators will carefully review your request and provide you with the best possible proof of the behavior of your affiliates. Sometimes the suspicious activity is very painful and is reasonably used by the investigators. Sensitive questions are also considered as evidence submitted to the court.

Investigations are conducted before or after the marriage. The spouse before marriage gives you all the necessary information about your future husband or future wife so you can find the truth about your character and your family. Sometimes a family exam is conducted to ensure that the family is decent and does not deceive the couple’s family if the subject is already married. Abnormal changes in the behavior of your partner can make you doubt, and marriage investigators can help you find the true truth.

If your potential husband or wife is behaving in an unusual way, taking calls, or hiding, you may doubt their actions. Therefore, private investigators Miami can help you find the truth. The investigators provide verbal and written evidence as he records each conversation on recording equipment, videos, and so on. The research done by these professional detectives is important. Make an informed decision today with the well-known and experienced private investigator.

Miami Private Investigation Services And How They Can Help You.

miami private investigation/Miami Private investigators are professionals who help solve a variety of cases by gathering evidence. They use many types of surveillance searches to verify facts such as a person’s job, income, or whereabouts. In background checks and missing persons, Miami private investigation involves gathering information by interviewing people. Private investigators can also help lawyers, businesses, and companies who have financial, legal or employment concerns.

Infidelity between couples also increases for different reasons. Such situations can affect your business prospects as well as your personal life.
If you are faced with one of these problems and need solid evidence before making a decision, you can use the services of private investigators to do the work for you.
These investigators work as private investigators and find evidence of what happens when you’re not there. The evidence collected is useful if you are already taking action or presenting a case to challenge someone or divorce your partner.

Private investigators are usually hired by companies, lawyers, and individuals who suspect their partner. Even if you are not currently facing your competitors, it is important to know the plans and strategies that will continue in the future. Such plans could negatively impact your business. Therefore, you can hire a private investigator to find out about the latest developments in the industry.

Private investigators also help them monitor security systems in their operations and review applicants to verify the authenticity of their information. PI’s can also conduct external investigations to identify criminal complaints that occur outside of a company, such as theft of company assets when suppliers fraudulently bill their products.

If you suspect that an employee is exchanging confidential business information with your competitors, you can use the services of a private investigator to clarify your suspicions. Likewise, these investigators may collect evidence against your fraudulent partner if you suspect infidelity. The lawyers employ private investigators to gather evidence and bring it to court to obtain evidence. Some other tasks of private investigators are to investigate suspicious claims by insurance companies, perform background checks, and track the employees of an organization.

Miami private investigation, compared to the work most people do, has no normal working hours. They work according to the requirements of the case they are investigating, which might be early morning, night, weekend or public holidays. They also use the latest technologies and tools to collect evidence and monitor suspects.

Reasons Why You Need To Hire Private Investigators in Florida

private investigators in florida There are hundreds of reasons why people need to hire private investigators in Florida. While some people assume that these professionals spend a lot of time tracking down the activities of misguided spouses, there are some other benefits these companies offer.

Following up on a cheating spouse.

This may be another case where hiring a private investigator makes sense. Some people have the idea that something happens through their partner’s actions, but other people do not know until someone else releases the bomb. The information collected by PI can be used to confirm misconduct as needed. This often helps them to decide if they want to stay in the marriage or go.

Looking at why your business might have gone wrong

Many local businesses are family-owned or owned by partners. For many of these companies, things can go well until the owner receives a hint, often just a feeling that something went wrong. Hiring an Private Investigator is one of the best ways to find out if a company is behaving badly.

Private investigators often find cases of embezzlement by a partner, but there are other things that can make business difficult. If a partner has a drug addiction or sex addiction and hires prostitutes, it can mean bad advertising for the company if it’s made public. This may be the best option of the innocent party to use different methods so that the other partner can leave the business in some cases.

Having an employee background check.

There are many people in the state who work for the government, such as the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the ATF, and others. While government agencies often use different methods for background checks, they also hire contractors. Many of these contractors need to hire people to work for them, and they need reliable service to evaluate applicants. Hiring a Private Investiagtor expert can help you learn more about anyone who needs such a job. Most Private Investiagtors can use the Internet and multiple contacts to get the entire fund in a very short time. These private investigators know what to look for when examining school and employment records to see if the person has a criminal past or something else trying to hide them.

If you hire a private investigator, you do not have to worry about anything. All you have to do is keep up with your life, and once the investigation is complete, all your questions will be answered. If you need these services, you only need to contact private investigators in Florida to provide details of the case. The rest is done by them. They will examine, investigate and find out what the truth is. This is a very simple and logical solution to a difficult problem.

Your Guide to the best Private Investigator in Miami

Have you ever felt you needed to hire a private investigator in Miami?

private investigator miami florida There are a whole bunch of reasons why a decent, straightforward person like you might need the services of a PI. For starters, it is possible that you have encountered people that you suspected were dishonest, corrupt, or even dangerous, and it made sense to protect yourself.
The work of a private investigator essentially involves gathering information on specific individuals – now this information can be about anything, and it doesn’t always suggest that the person is dangerous or even corrupt.

Why would I need to hire a PI?

Established firms like South Florida Investigators deal with all sorts of cases from personal to corporate, and in many cases, the goal is to gather information that might be used in a court of law.
To give you a better picture, check out these top 5 reasons for hiring a private investigator in Miami:

1) Missing People

Sadly, people sometimes lose their loved ones in bizarre circumstances, and if law enforcement fails to make
headway with such a case, people sometimes turn to private investigators – who, unlike police, are able to allocate a great deal of time and resources to solving a case. Whether it’s a parent searching for their child, or a grown man searching for their biological parents, it all falls within the realm of private investigation.

2) Background Checks

Employers want to know as much as they can about job applicants and also before handing over high positions to their employees, and it makes sense that they’d turn to a PI for assistance. It’s true that the major reason they do background checks is to filter out people with criminal records, but generally, employers want to be well informed before investing in their workers.

3) Fraud and Embezzlement

Large companies lose millions of dollars to employee fraud, and because the guilty party almost always covers their tracks, it can be very difficult for management to figure out who is stealing from them or how the money was stolen. This is where private investigators come in; and because PIs have experience with corporate fraud, they have a higher chance of uncovering unsanctioned payments, fictional assets, and other forms of fraud and embezzlement.

4) Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases can be ugly, and parents who win custody are not always the best suited to raise the child.
It all comes down to what evidence you have to show the court that one party is engaged in activity that is bad for the child. If you’re a desperate mom or dad, hire a private investigator in Miami to do some digging and if there’s anything to your suspicions, they’re going to get it on film.

5) Cheating Spouse

Spouse infidelity is commonly associated with private investigator services, and yes, PI’s do follow up on cheating partners and take pictures – if that is what you need. South Florida Private Investigators are the best private investigators in Miami, period.
Contact us today for employment screening, asset and bank searches, surveillance, child custody cases, and more.